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Wherever innovation and digital transformation play a role, iconic robots or telepresence robots add value.

Greet customers and visitors with robots. Or use robots to guide them through a showroom or navigate to other rooms. In meetings, it's a great tool to lead virtual meetings.

Years of Experience
Years of Experience
Years of Experience
Years of Experience

How robots help

Efficiency increase
Service and assistance robots help to increase efficiency in their environment and sustainably improve customer satisfaction.
Relief of the service staff
Service robots and assistance robots are the perfect complement and support for your employees.
Drive engagement
Engage customers and visitors by welcoming them through an assistive and proactive robot.
Intelligent receptionist

Use Temi as a reception robot to create a unique experience for customers and visitors.‍

Temi can be the first point of contact for your guests and greet them at the door. In addition, he can guide your guests, for example, in offices to the desired employee or in meeting rooms.

Employees can ideally prepare for the customer appointment during this time.

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Virtual meeting with real experience

Be live in meetings without having to travel long distances.‍

In addition to the unnecessary environmental impact, long-distance travel is also time-consuming, involves organizational effort and often costs horrendous amounts of money. ‍

With Double, you can move freely around the room and connect more intensively with other people, making remote video to robot an efficient alternative for attending meetings anywhere in the world.

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Happiness Ambassador

Increasing efficiency by loosening up the working atmosphere.‍

Many companies have realized that employees work better when the atmosphere is more relaxed and pleasant.‍

NAO can move autonomously and respond to questions - in real time.

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Receptionist in companies and hotels

Let Pepper welcome your guests or visitors. With the Receptionist app, you can easily manage guest check-in and be notified when guests are waiting for you.

This creates a unique experience for your visitors and guests that is guaranteed to be remembered and positively impact the perception of your company.

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