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Today's retail challenges are shaping the way stores should deliver a strong customer experience.

We help you adapt to new customer expectations and strengthen your customer relationships thanks to our service robots.

Years of Experience
Years of Experience
Years of Experience
Years of Experience

How robots help

Efficiency increase
Service and assistance robots help to increase efficiency in their environment and sustainably improve customer satisfaction.
Generate buying behavior
Service robots can gather valuable insights into how the buying target group behaves and which content is really interesting.
Increase up- and cross-selling
As a store-in-store promoter, the robot can make product recommendations and help customers navigate among products.
Support for frontline employees
Particularly when it comes to presenting the products or services on offer, robots can help to reduce the amount of consultation required from staff to a minimum.
New sales assistant

For example, if there is no expert on site at home improvement stores, an employee can switch on the Temi to advise customers.‍

Experts are not always on hand to help customers find the products they need. Place the Temi in selected locations so that employees can turn it on when needed and advise customers.

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POS on wheels

KettyBot is a real marketing expert on wheels, which immediately attracts the attention of customers in the aisle.

The friendly service robot interacts with customers in a natural and intelligent way, providing advice and recommendations, increasing retailers' efficiency and return on investment (ROI).

With its safe and user-friendly design, KettyBot is safe for employees and offers a cost-effective solution to improve retail operations.

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Store visits from the couch

By connecting to Double through any browser, customers can transport their presence into the store and experience a world without physical boundaries.‍

Invite customers from all over the world to visit your showroom remotely. ‍

Guided tours with double can also take place outside the official opening hours.

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For customers
Promote marketing campaigns at the POS

Engage customers and visitors with a social and proactive robot for a fascinating brand experience.‍

Pepper motivates people through an emotional appeal and real-time reactions. Pepper uses a tablet to support their emotions and empower customers to make decisions.‍

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