Green Lines as Design Elements

The Double telepresence robot is designed for remote collaboration.

With its advanced camera and audio systems, Double 3 allows users to interact with others in remote locations as if they were there in person.

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360° mobility
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Easy control via the web browser
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"Click-to-drive" function for smooth locomotion

How robots help

Barrier free shopping

Show your products to your customers - live - without them having to be on site: with the Double.‍ telepresence robot.

Some products are ideal for presentation in showrooms. Other work processes can be ideally explained in a tour. To make this possible, it was previously necessary to actually visit these locations.

With ‍Double, you can offer these options regardless of location. Double is intuitive to use and allows customers to perceive such tours remotely.

Store visits from the couch

By connecting to Double through any browser, customers can transport their presence into the store and experience a world without physical boundaries.‍

Invite customers from all over the world to visit your showroom remotely. ‍

Guided tours with double can also take place outside the official opening hours.

For customers
Virtual meeting with real experience

Be live in meetings without having to travel long distances.‍

In addition to the unnecessary environmental impact, long-distance travel is also time-consuming, involves organizational effort and often costs horrendous amounts of money. ‍

With Double, you can move freely around the room and connect more intensively with other people, making remote video to robot an efficient alternative for attending meetings anywhere in the world.

Experience the "real school" from afar

Allow children to participate in class even if they cannot attend for health reasons.‍

Double enables a new way of attending classes. Many children cannot go to school for health reasons. ‍

This means not only bridging an educational gap caused by missed schooling, but also adding social value for the children, who feel less lonely as a result.


Freedom of movement
Our knowledge in telepresence, social, and service robotics allows us to help our customers create a robotics roadmap that meets their desired requirements.
Experiential experience
Telepresence via Double allows you to hear, speak and see as if you were there.
Intuitive control
Double can be safely controlled with just a few clicks. It navigates to where you click on the ground. All control is possible via the Internet browser.
The Double's materials are not only robust and durable. The use of the robot saves travel costs and time and is thus a contribution to global sustainability.
Room scanning
Through sensors and dual SLAM technology, BellaBot understands the environment and navigates precisely.

Product Details

With 13.0 megapixels for a wide view and multiple zoom levels
So every word of the interlocutor and the environment is not overheard
Working hours
Adapted to your needs
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