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Pudu BellaBot

Pudu BellaBot is a service robot developed for the food industry.

With its intelligent sensors and autonomous navigation, the Pudu Bellabot can efficiently deliver food and beverages to customers in restaurants, cafés and other catering establishments. ‍

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Improves the quality of service
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Increases the efficiency of the restaurant
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Helps reduce long-term costs

How robots help

Optimal support

BellaBot is the optimized assistant in the field of gastronomic service. It navigates safely and independently past obstacles and can also compensate for slight unevenness in the floor.

Your service staff experiences an enormous relief through BellaBot and your guests can be served faster. At the same time, the robot makes the gastronomic visit an unforgettable experience.

Deploy multiple BellaBots simultaneously to achieve the highest possible robot integration efficiency in your operation.

Support for the staff

Perfect for transporting small parts, ideal for use in the logistics industry.

BellaBot is suitable for use both in day-to-day business and as an aid in warehouse logistics.

The robot is extremely robust and very stable in its construction, which makes it excellent to move over straight floors.



Smart trays
Intelligent trays through modular quick change structure and infrared sensor technology. The modular quick disassembly system and intelligent infrared induction enable better serving.
Room scanning
Through sensors and dual SLAM technology, BellaBot understands the environment and navigates precisely.
Quiet + Quiet
An independent wheel suspension compensates for unevenness and lets the BellaBot drive quietly.
Unlimited stations
BellaBot can control an unlimited number of stations and thus move autonomously along an entire supply chain.

Product Details

Days in the week
Round-the-clock operation
Hours battery life
After a full charge of the battery, the Pudu Bellabot is ready to work a full shift without a break.
Kg load capacity
Pudu Bellabot can carry 10 kg per tray and serve twice the capacity of a waiter
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