Green Lines as Design Elements
Pudu KettyBot

Pudu KettyBot can transport any type of items: Equipment, supplies and meals to customers or patients, reducing the workload of restaurant or healthcare staff.

Its intuitive user interface and customizable features make it easy to use and adapt to different delivery environments.

A green symbol
Greeting and escorting customers to the place they want to go
A green symbol
Large display that effortlessly attracts the attention of customers
A green symbol
Customers can talk to the Pudu KettyBot and get answers

How robots help

POS on wheels

KettyBot is a real marketing expert on wheels, which immediately attracts the attention of customers in the aisle.

The friendly service robot interacts with customers in a natural and intelligent way, providing advice and recommendations, increasing retailers' efficiency and return on investment (ROI).

With its safe and user-friendly design, KettyBot is safe for employees and offers a cost-effective solution to improve retail operations.

Intralogistic deliveries

Smart support - also for in-house logistics.‍

KettyBot also supports you in automating and optimizing your intralogistics and can be excellently integrated into existing processes.

In this way, the robot also proves to be a productive helper in the warehouse, driving the acceleration of internal transport times, among other things.

Serving bot in compact design

KettyBot is the ideal complement in the field of gastronomic service.

KettyBot navigates safely and autonomously over obstacles and can also compensate for slight bumps in the ground.

The service portal experiences an enormous relief through KettyBot and the guests can be served faster. At the same time, the robot makes the gastronomic visit an unforgettable experience.



Audiovisual feedback
Display and audio feedback: Sounds and a small display enable communication between Kettybot and the customer.
Obstacles bypass
Thanks to sensors and scanners, the Kettybot knows its surroundings and navigates precisely around obstacles. It also reliably detects sudden obstacles, such as people or other robots crossing its path, and prevents collisions.
Room scanning
Its VSLAM system enables more precise tracking and more stable operation.
Can independently travel predefined routes on command. For this purpose, site plans can be stored in the software or the robot can be taught to an external terrain.

Product Details

cm clearance
Pudu KettyBot's compact design allows it to navigate narrow aisles.
Kg load capacity
The removable trays are versatile and, despite their compact design, ensure a reduced workload for waiters.
Hours battery life
After a full charge of the battery, the Pudu Kettybot can support service personnel for up to 8 hours.
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