Green Lines as Design Elements

temi is a navigation robot designed for use in homes and offices.

With its advanced sensors and autonomous navigation, temi can follow the user and assist with tasks such as making phone calls, setting reminders and more.

A green symbol
Navigates autonomously through your business premises
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Interacting with visitors and customers and providing information
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Represents guests and customers as a telepresence robot

How robots help

Present background information at events or in restaurants.‍

Customers can also be visually informed and guided via the integrated screen. The Location Navigator enables an innovative customer experience.

Site guide

Use Temi to guide visitors in environments that are unfamiliar to them.‍

The integrated tablet can display information that helps people find their way in unfamiliar environments. ‍

So Temi can guide people and show them how to get to their destination.

Intelligent receptionist

Use Temi as a reception robot to create a unique experience for customers and visitors.‍

Temi can be the first point of contact for your guests and greet them at the door. In addition, he can guide your guests, for example, in offices to the desired employee or in meeting rooms.

Employees can ideally prepare for the customer appointment during this time.



Multimedia control
Temi can be controlled in several ways: by speech and by touch.
Generate buying behavior
Service robots can gather valuable insights into how the buying target group behaves and which content is really interesting.
Connect remotely with the integrated tablet and talk live with others via a video connection.
Use Temi as a navigation aid through premises and buildings.

Product Details

HD LCD screen
Capacitive multi-touch for an intuitive user interface
Omnidirectional digital microphones
temi listens, identifies, understands and responds to the user's voice
Operating hours
Autonomous charging - high performance docking station
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