Education/ Public Institutions

To keep up with the rapid pace of development, educational formats must be developed today that emphasize the use of artificial intelligence and robotics.

We must learn to work with robots safely, productively and sustainably.

Years of Experience
Years of Experience
Years of Experience
Years of Experience

How robots help

Scalable learning solution
Prepare students for the future using robots to teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in a hands-on way at any age.
Promote engagement in learning
With robots, knowledge transfer can be experienced in a playful way and is therefore ideally suited for educational institutions.
Teaching robotics content

Knowledge transfer through language, gestures and movement.‍

NAO can not only speak, see, walk, hear and perform animations. He can also impart knowledge.

AI integration allows it not only to be controlled by voice, but also to respond and answer even more complex questions.

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Experience the "real school" from afar

Allow children to participate in class even if they cannot attend for health reasons.‍

Double enables a new way of attending classes. Many children cannot go to school for health reasons. ‍

This means not only bridging an educational gap caused by missed schooling, but also adding social value for the children, who feel less lonely as a result.

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