Green Lines as Design Elements

NAO is a versatile and programmable humanoid robot designed for research, education and entertainment.

Its compact size and customizable features make it an ideal tool for exploring robotics, teaching programming, and creating unique interactive experiences.‍

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Fully programmable humanoid robot
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Ideal platform for teaching coding, robotics, and STEM concepts.
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Communicate learning content in an engaging way

How robots help

Everyday companion for seniors

NAO is ideal as an everyday companion against loneliness.

The robot can send a call for help, carry on conversations, remind people to take medication, and perform movement exercises with seniors.

NAO's interaction capability with motion and voice functions allows it to have dialogues with people and even proactively start conversations.

Teaching robotics content

Knowledge transfer through language, gestures and movement.‍

NAO can not only speak, see, walk, hear and perform animations. He can also impart knowledge.

AI integration allows it not only to be controlled by voice, but also to respond and answer even more complex questions.

Data provider

Present your content with NAO for a multisensory experience that stays in your memory.‍

Content must be conveyed in such a way that it can be understood and remembered. NAO ensures the right memory factor.

Speech and movement, as well as real-time gestures and reactions, perfectly complement any presentation.

Happiness Ambassador

Increasing efficiency by loosening up the working atmosphere.‍

Many companies have realized that employees work better when the atmosphere is more relaxed and pleasant.‍

NAO can move autonomously and respond to questions - in real time.



Exercise Therapy
NAO is ideal for exercise therapy. Due to its many joints, it is extremely mobile. This allows him to demonstrate exercises that are then imitated by the users.
Fun with programming
NAO is also fun for developers because motion and interaction sequences are easy to set up. The RMS's intuitive digital interface is also user-friendly.
The hero of the RoboCup
NAO is the world champion in robot soccer! The RoboCup is an event where robots play soccer against each other and is great fun - even to watch!
Trigger Attention
The design of Nao is based on the human physique, so she looks approachable and very friendly.

Product Details

Touch sensors
On head, hands and feet
Directional microphones
And speakers for better interaction
Available languages
With speech recognition and dialogs
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