Green Lines as Design Elements

Meet Pepper, the humanoid robot designed to interact with humans.

Its charming personality and customizable features make it a unique and memorable experience for all who interact with it.‍

A green symbol
Optimized for human interactions
A green symbol
Is able to engage with people through conversation and touchscreen
A green symbol
Recognizes people at a distance and reacts actively and independently to them

How robots help

Promote marketing campaigns at the POS

Engage customers and visitors with a social and proactive robot for a fascinating brand experience.‍

Pepper motivates people through an emotional appeal and real-time reactions. Pepper uses a tablet to support their emotions and empower customers to make decisions.‍

Brand building
Entertainer in care facilities

Pepper is the ideal entertainer in care facilities and geriatric care.‍

Pepper is able to lighten the mood and entertain the residents.

With the integrated Social Happiness program, Pepper can play guessing games with users, tell jokes, play board games and run mobility programs.

Receptionist in companies and hotels

Let Pepper welcome your guests or visitors. With the Receptionist app, you can easily manage guest check-in and be notified when guests are waiting for you.

This creates a unique experience for your visitors and guests that is guaranteed to be remembered and positively impact the perception of your company.



Brand ambassador
Pepper represents your brand and your company in an impressive way. Thus, he is your personal brand ambassador who maximizes trust and enthusiasm for your brand.
Emotional design
Every interaction with Pepper creates an emotional bond between humans and robots. This makes the interaction more intense and your customers build trust in your brand.
Maximum attention
Use Pepper as a crowd puller at events and trade shows. He attracts attention with his appearance and thus brings your content closer to your target group.

Product Details

Available languages
To guarantee attention
cm tall
For the most iconic humanoid look
To hear people who are further away
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