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Pudu SwiftBot

Pudu SwiftBot is an innovative autonomous delivery robot that offers a smart, cost-effective solution for any industry.

Pudu SwiftBot is capable of safely delivering various items such as food, medicine or documents.

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Ensuring safety, hygiene and privacy during delivery
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Operates the elevator autonomously
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Multiple serving modes for more flexibility

How robots help

Delivery assistant

SwiftBot revolutionizes the hotel experience with fast, efficient and touchless delivery services.

This intelligent delivery robot enhances the guest experience by reducing wait times, improving operational efficiency and lowering labor costs for hotels. With intelligent navigation and obstacle avoidance technology, delivery robots can easily navigate through crowded hallways and elevators to deliver items quickly and efficiently.

With Swiftbot, hotels can prioritize guest service and security thanks to its auto-locking doors, while demonstrating their modernity and hospitality.

For hotels
Nursing Assistant

SwiftBot provides a safe, efficient and contactless delivery service in hospitals and medical facilities. The friendly delivery robot supports nurses by automating delivery tasks, freeing up more time for important patient care.

SwiftBot ensures safe delivery of medications and food by maintaining the proper temperature and transporting items safely in its lockable compartments.

With intelligent features such as collision sensing and infrared light, the delivery robot is safe for patients and caregivers and navigates effortlessly through crowded hallways and elevators.‍

For hospitals
Office Manager

Office managers can transform their workplace with SwiftBot, which provides a modern and efficient solution for delivering mail, documents and food/drinks between offices.

This versatile delivery robot is securely housed in the lockable compartments and ensures timely and accurate delivery of important documents to the recipient without compromising privacy.

SwiftBot is equipped with safety features such as sensors and emergency stop buttons to ensure safety for employees and visitors.

For offices


Excellent performance
SwiftBot is able to detect pedestrians and initiatively make way for them in a timely manner. Even in a highly dynamic environment, SwiftBot performs its tasks with ease.
IoT functions
SwiftBot can connect with IoT devices to cooperate in different scenarios and provide smarter interaction and experience.
Protected delivery
Equipped with automatic electric doors, SwiftBot performs its task with a high level of safety, hygiene and privacy.

Product Details

Kg load capacity
With improvement of delivery stability
Hours battery life
Intelligent automatic charging for 24/7 days
Carrying trays
With automatic electric doors
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