Robotly's Service Team

Service provider for public life robots

Roboterly is the one-stop shop for public life robots, offering an all-round carefree package and a ready-to-use solution for our products.

We are a leading company distributing intelligent robots for business purposes in Europe. We focus on customer service, support and sales of robots that fulfill useful and supporting business cases.

Thanks to our infrastructure, we facilitate and accelerate the market introduction of robots for public life.
Our values
We are one of the world's most valued suppliers of non-industrial robots.

Thanks to our many years of experience with hardware and software, we can quickly understand the customer's requirements and quickly deploy the appropriate robotic solution.
Our mission
We bring robots into society.
We have experience in auditing manufacturers, selecting only for quality and out of conviction.

We add value to humanity by bringing robots into our daily lives that benefit society.
Our vision
Infinite possibilities for social interaction through the integration of robots into daily life.
We are striving for a future in which robots are part of our everyday lives and make our lives easier.

Robots give us the ability to interact with other people regardless of location and make physical distances obsolete.
Let us work together.
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